The Garden: an installation combining VR interactivity and real-time immersive projection, designed to be manipulated by a wide audience. 
Welcome to «The Garden,» a VR experience where you’ll immerse yourself in a fantastical garden filled with unique plant species. The tranquil and Zen-like atmosphere surrounds you as you discover that these plants are not only beautiful but also serve as the backbone of a mysterious technological production.
As the player, you’ve returned from holiday to take on the responsibility of caring for this production site. Your tasks include planting new vegetal units, nurturing the plants to ensure they flourish, and overall maintenance of the garden. 
This project evokes our relationship with nature and with living beings, which evolves with scientific innovations. It questions the ethical aspect of the artificialization of life, which is becoming an increasingly rationalized and productivist resource. What are we going to do with Nature at a time of advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and chemistry? 
This experience has been supported by the Villa Médicis, the CNC, Fonds [SCAN], Institut Français, Festival New Images, and the HUBLOT (Nice) and designed in collaboration with programmers Alex Bourgeois and Rémi Lelaidier.
•New Images Festival, La Canopée des Halles, Paris, France.
•Cactus Festival, Aosta, Italy.
•Agora, VideoCittà, Rome, Italy.
•Nuit des idées, Palazzo Farnese, Rome, Italy.
•Atlas, Meet Digital Culture Center, Milan, Italy.
•Muzium Telekom, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
•Sonar+D, Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain.
•les Jardins cybernétiques, Le Hublot, Nice, France.