The PowerPlant is an interactive experience belonging to the science-fiction body of work The Origin of Things. 
When the expererience starts, the viewer finds himself immersed in the middle of an island that serves as an energy plant. Using the controllers of the Oculus Quest 2 the spectator will be able to explore the virtual world. He is free to go wherever he wants. He cross weird architectures and functionning machines that are producing energy. When the user stumbles on some locations of the map, he triggers animations that activate the storytelling.
This contemplative work plunges the viewer into a singular landscape dotted with Asian-influenced buildings. 

Almost all the elements that compose the videos are watercolors on paper that have been scanned and integrated to a game engine. These paintings were made in Penang, Malaysia, during an artistic residency in early 2023. The 3D elements were sculpted using virtual reality tools to preserve body movement body movement and spontaneity in the creative process. The textures applied to these 3D models a rederived from paintings watercolors.
It questions the ethical aspect of the increasingly rationalized transformation of living matter. 
    Nature in the age of artificial intelligence, robotics and biomolecular chemistry. And more generally, given our current ecological concerns, what does biodiversity represent for mankind?
Ce que disent les plantes, collective show, Grenier à Sel, Avignon.
TSFM, Artist showcase during Torino Short film Festival, Torino, Italia.
M.I.A. Roma, industry market showcase, Palazzo Barberini, Roma, Italia